Analyzing the Global Domain Name Industry

ZookNIC is the source for domain name intelligence. We specialize in data, research and analysis of the global DNS system to uncover hidden trends and possibilities. What can we do for you?

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Since 1998 ZookNIC has provided critical data and analysis to all parts of the domain name industry -- registries, registrars, registrants and analysts. Our clients include ICANN, Centr, Nominet, CIRA, Eurid, VeriSign and many more.

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Visualizing the Information Economy

ZookNIC also provides visualization solutions using industry standard, open-source libraries. We help you see your data (and the world) in new ways.

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Sharing Knowledge

ZookNIC actively contributes to academic and non-profit research that uses domain name counts and related metrics to study the information and knowledge economies. Click the icons below for examples of this work.


The archived version of this webpage (including graphs, maps, etc.) is available here.